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Why use Outsourced Company Registration?

You may not have the know-how to setup a company properly

Prompt and convenient

Company can be set up as soon as within 1 hour and arrange banker to meet you for opening of bank account

Business Address

Most business owners may not have an office address to register their company. We can provide that with our Registered address service

Prompt setting up

New company can be set up as soon as within 1 hour

Affordable Company Registration Service

FMD is able to express-incorporate your company in consideration of $580 for the following:
This service package includes:
Application for the company's proposed name (inclusive of ACRA filing fees);
Registration of the company (inclusive of ACRA filing fees);
Generation of the company's business profile, common seal and two copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation;
Preparation of documents required for the company's opening of its initial bank account;
Preparation of resolution for the initial director's meeting by circulation and share certificate; and
Appointment of the company's secretary for the first 12 months (free of charge).
*Additional fees for conversion of a sole-proprietorship and partnership to a private limited company, setting up with foreign corporate shareholders and transporting fees for appointment outside our office.

Fee Structure

Private Limited
Limited Liability Partnership
Limited Partnership
*Statutory application fees are excluded for the rest of all services other than Private Limited

Frequently asked questions for our Company Registration Service

Do I really need it?

What are the procedures to register a company in Singapore?

Step 1. Get your business name approved by checking the name availability on ACRA site and reserve the name.

Step 2.
Provide information for incorporation and prepare related document (individual detail of director and shareholder, paid up capital).

Step 3.
With all the required company incorporation documents ready, FMD will register the company with ACRA and it will usually take less than an hour for set up of private limited company limited by shares. 

If the private limited company was limited by guarantee, ACRA will take longer time to process the application. In some cases, the application may referred to the concerned authorities or ministries for selected business categories (eg finance, education etc) and the process may take about 14 to 60 days.

How to open corporate bank account?

For opening of bank account with some banks (eg OCBC), FMD is able to make appointment with the banker to meet the directors in our office and at the same time to sign the incorporation documents.

Can a foreigner register a company in Singapore?

Yes, a foreign individual is allowed to register a company in Singapore with 100% ownership of shares. In order to register a company, you will need to

1. engage a local corporate service provider (registered filing agent) who is a resident of Singapore and understand the Singapore company law.

2. employ a local director who is a resident of Singapore. FMD’s services included Nominee Director service.

Why I need a registered address in Singapore?

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