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Why use Outsourced Corporate Secretarial Services?

Legal Requirements

Company must not have this position vacant for more than 6 months


Avoid hefty fines and warnings for violation of law (eg Company Act, ACRA regulations)

Focus on more important things

The time engaged trying to figure out how law works or to rectify error can be expensive. Free up time to focus on your business

Affordable Corporate Secretarial Service Package

In full compliance to the Singapore Companies Act
According to Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, every company must appoint a qualified company secretary within 6 months of its incorporation and this position must not be left vacant for more than 6 months.

The company secretary must be a natural person residing in Singapore, must not be the sole director of the company and must be appointed by the Board of Directors. In addition, the company secretary shall be a person who appears to the Board of Directors possessing the required knowledge and experience to perform its duties.
This service package includes:
Appointment as company secretary
General corporate advisory
Preparation of director’s and shareholder’s resolution in connection with the company’s annual general meeting;
*According to our fair pricing policy, additional service fee will be charged when there is request for other resolutions.
"All staffs are polite, responsive and helpful."                                                        
Balanced Living Pte Ltd
Nancy Ng, Accounts
"FMD and their team have never failed to meet statutory deadline in carrying out work for our company. They are prompt and knowledgeable."
Ezyhealth Holdings Pte Ltd
Josephine Wong, Finance Manager

Fee Structure

Fixed Price
S$250 per annum
Additional Requests
According to complexity

Frequently asked questions for our Corporate Secretarial Services

Do I really need it?

What are the roles and responsibilities of company secretary?

For private limited company, the company secretary is responsible for the administration of a
company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with the requirements of Singapore
Companies Act.

Their responsibility can vary and this depend on the terms in the engagement letter.

1. Maintenance of statutory register and minutes book

To update electronically with the Registrar for the register of directors, auditor, company
secretary and CEO. 

The other register in allotment of shares, charges as well as board and
general meeting resolutions will be maintained by the company secretary.

2. Update information with the Registrar

To update electronically with the Registrar for changes other than those mentioned under (1),
such as changes in shares structure, name, constitution, charges and filing of annual return.

3. Board and general meetings

To ensure the notice are send and meetings are held according to the company’s
constitution/companies act. 

This include distribution of agenda and relevant documents such
as financial statement before meeting. During physical meeting, to take attendance, minutes
and finalised with the resolutions passed for directors or chairman to sign.

Some company may allow passing of resolutions by circulation and the company secretary
prepares the resolutions and its relevant documents, administers the circulation and signing of
resolution before it is recorded in the minute’s book.

4. And much more

Such as to remind Directors on filing deadlines, safekeep and administer the usage of
company seal if there is seal used by the company, issuance of share certificates

Why engage FMD as my company’s corporate secretary

Currently servicing more than 800 companies, our team are responsive and friendly. We keep fees to the minimum for usual routine such as appointment of secretary, prepare documents for general meeting. Additional secretarial work will be quoted with no hidden fees before carrying out.

Here is what our clients say about our service:

“Teck Seng is instrumental with service & acquire the necessary knowledge to advise customers accordingly. Well done!”
- Purpose Coaching & Learning Incubator Pte Ltd

"All staffs are polite, responsive and helpful."
- Balanced Living Pte Ltd

"FMD and their team have never failed to meet statutory deadline in carrying out work for our company. They are prompt and knowledgeable."
- Ezyhealth Holdings Pte Ltd

Do I need to submit annual return if dormant company?

Yes. The Company is required to file annual return even if dormant during the financial year.

What is the definition for dormant company in ACRA?

The test for dormancy is provided for in the Companies Act, i.e. that there is no accounting transaction during that financial year. The Companies Act also states the transactions which will are to be disregarded when determining dormancy: 

1.)The taking of shares in the company by a subscriber to the memorandum in pursuance of an undertaking of his in the memorandum;  

2.)The appointment of a secretary of the company; 

3.)The appointment of an auditor; 

4.)The maintenance of a registered office; 

5.)The keeping of registers and books; 

6.)The payment of any fee and charges payable under written law; 

7.)The payment of any composition amount payable under written law; 

8.)The payment or receipt by the company of a nominal sum not exceeding $5,000.

What is Constitution/Memorandum and articles of association?

The Constitution (previously known as Memorandum and Articles of Association)is a legal document that:
•Describes the key characteristics of the company.
•Contains the rules and regulations for its governance.
•Describes how its operations will be carried out.
•States the rights and responsibilities of the directors, shareholders and company secretary.

The Constitution shall bind the company and the members to the same extent as if they had been signed by each member respectively and serve as contracts between the company and its members, and among the members themselves.  A copy of the Constitution must be lodged with ACRA at the point of incorporation.

How many directors are allowed for a company?

The minimum number of directors required is one person, who is locally resident. There is no maximum unless otherwise stated in the Constitution.

How do I get information about a company?

Use of ACRA’s business information services to do background checks 

Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau

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