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What is Cloud Accounting

Written by 
Jie Ting
Business Development

Cloud accounting is accounting using software accessed over the internet that is hosted remotely on the cloud. All functions are performed off-site and users access the applications remotely through the internet. 

Why cloud accounting?

Nothing to install. Access financial data in one place online. Free and instantly updates.

Real-time insights. 
Capture, track, and manage accounts with ease and easily. 

Bank feeds.
Keep track of daily updates and simple reconciling transactions. 

Online document storage.
Financial data backed up on the cloud platform securely and automatically.

Online quotes and invoicing.
Keep your cash flow healthy and get paid faster by online options.

Improved efficiency.
Reduce business costs and monitor the business in a better way.

Future of cloud accounting
"To stay competitive in today's streaming world, business face growing pressure to innovate faster - and the cloud is helping them keep pace." -- Research on future cloud computing from Google

FMD is supporting for cloud accounting now!!

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